"Valuable Objects Project"
8th grader's first time exploring shading through watercolor paints.  Students were invited to bring in objects that hold significant sentimental value to them.  Through observation the students painted their boxes after various exercises in line, negative/positive space, shading, and painting.
"Animal Tiles"
7th grade students created tiles inspired by animals that they admire or love.  Through the medium of clay students learned how to create and describe texture through various tools.  Students planned and sketched their projects considering background and foreground.  Students reviewed the color wheel and created all their colors through the limited palette of only primary colors.   
"Dream Home"
Students in 6th grade learned all about different types of architecture.  With specific vocabulary in mind students set off designing their own dream homes through colored pencil.  Students were introduced to multiple techniques that can be used to create texture or shading.  Students discussed the importance of home, and how there are many different types of homes.  
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