Tattoo Ticket

Planning on having one of my existing doodles tattooed?
Congratulations, I am blushing over how you wish to display my work on your body forever!
Pay below if you wish to support future doodles and prompt a happy dance.
To clarify, this is not an actual item that you will receive, it is payment for use of my art on your body.  I do not tattoo, but I appreciate the daring desire to find an artist to tattoo my doodles on you!
Thank you for your honesty and, hey,  send me a photo when all is said and done!

Custom Ceramic Commission

Here you and I will discuss any idea you may have.  Whether it be a dish, a platter, a pitcher, a mug, or even a small or bowl to hold the eggs from your favorite hen.
Please consider all pieces take about 5-7 weeks for completion.
Pre-orders start at a minimum price to hold place for the item, there will be more than likely will be a second payment upon agreement of each unique custom order. Upon purchase of pre-order I will get in touch with you to discuss your thoughts and ideas. 
Please take a moment to consider artwork I have made in the past and my inspiration/sketchbook.  It is easiest to consider custom work on artwork I have created in the past.  I can only try my best, but my best is my very best, especially for you.
 I reserve the right to refund if we cannot land on the right page, but how that rarely happens I am quite excited to see where our ideas take us!
30.00 USD for Hold & First Payment

Rugly with Chine Colle application
Rugly with Chine Colle application
Pumpkin with Chine Colle application
Pumpkin with Chine Colle application
Sheep Drypoint print with oil pastel application
Sheep Drypoint print with oil pastel application
Ducks, Hens and Pigs with a variety of applications
Ducks, Hens and Pigs with a variety of applications
Custom Drypoint Print Commission
Drypoint prints are special because you can make multiples!  For commissions I tend to print 4 to 6 prints per plate, depending on how many you desire to see.   (See examples above)  Prices vary on prints per plate size, chine collé, colored pencil, watercolor, or oil pastel application.  (more examples seen HERE)
Clients can express a color palette or mood they wish for their desired commission.  The 'Pumpkin' commission (the above cat prints), was asked to "keep an orange or warm color palette, but have fun".  The 'Rugly' commission (the above dog prints) desired blues and soft cool colors framing his face. 
The printed image may be smaller than said paper size if you would prefer to have chine collé application or addition media applied.  You will leave with any one print you desire from the batch. You may purchase another for a reduced price.  Half of the payment is due before it is started and the second half prior to shipping.
To get started or if you have any questions please fill out the submission form below to get started!
Thank you, I will get back to you shortly!
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