Personal project based on Jules Verne’s Extraordinary Voyages books.  Originally published between 1863 and 1905, Verne’s 54 books are beautifully written with meticulous details.  He is known to this day for his marvelous science fiction.  As he wrote about astronomy, oceanography, biology, geology, and new cultures he pulled his readers into his world of futuristic travels.  Credit to their educational and daring intrigue, generations of the past have created genuine affection for his books, a reputation that will surely continue with years to come.
I plan on creating illustrations for all 54 novels as I go through reading them. I have 48 more to complete. (Wish me luck!)  
The entire list of Verne’s books can be found here: North American Jules Verne Society – Entire List

Please email if you are interested in purchasing or ordering prints of these illustrations.

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