"I remember making my toys dance." / Colored Pencil / 2019 
I remember seating them down for tea party. I had just returned with my backgammon suitcase from a long trip from 23 different countries (all proven by my collection of colored stamps neatly pressed into my stapled paper passport). They stared at me fondly as we discussed the weather, trips, and family. Although I do not recall our conversations completely I know they were always over tea.
"I remember searching for tiny crabs by Lagoa em Barra." / Colored Pencil / 2019 
"I remember playing dress-up with Cecilia." / Colored Pencil / 2020
"I remember playing hide & seek at my grandparent's house." / Colored Pencil / 2019
I remember running past Fargo in the back corner of the house as I rushed to find a hiding spot past the basketball hoop. As a guard dog he slept during much of the day, so he never looked up too far. The storage closet under the staircase was the best hiding spot by far, only the shortest could reach there. Once we were completely passed out we would pile into the hammock, arguing over who had to push.
"I remember looking for ladybugs at 704 Stony Way." / Colored Pencil / 2019 / 8" x 10"
I remember running to this pile of dirt. It was a precious pile of dirt, the size of a truck. The dirt was fun to prance through, but the main appeal was the tiny red and black polka dotted friends scattered throughout the pile. The moment school was over that year we prepared ourselves. Armed with glass mason jars, lids with poorly punched holes, and a variety of grasses from the patch in the back of the apartment we would start catching them. It would take an entire day to properly catch them. I still remember admiring them before we let them go for the night with their tiny wings, dots, and large eyes. Every night we released a beautiful array of red and black, all heading back to the dirt pile for the next day.
"I remember riding my bike to the Dairy Queen with my family." / Colored Pencil / 2019 
"I remember riding my bike and racing Francisco around the yard." / Colored Pencil / 2019
I remember riding my bike. I would ride my bike practically everyday. Its the closest it gets to flying. My training wheels took a while to take off, but my father and mother made such an effort to get us up and riding. My father was the bike lover, although he doesnt ride anymore he smiles when he hears us say we're going for a ride.
"I remember playing silly games with my older brother who I miss so much." / Colored Pencil / 2019
"I remember the leaves crunching in the fall on my way to school with my father.  He held my hand as we walked." / Colored Pencil / 2019 

I remember the color, sound, and, the very most, the feeling. My father held my hand with a firm, yet gentle grip as we waltzed down the road to school. The color of the autumn leaves were bouncing off my eyes, enticing me to dance with them.. and so I did as any four year old would. The leaves crunched loudly in reply as I giggled through them, bounding from one leaf to another. And, yes, I do still prance. .
"I remember my carefree imagination as a 9 year old brain should have." / Colored Pencil / 2019
"I remember Rose holding Cecilia in Pensacola." / Colored Pencil / 2019

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