I created a zoo of animals, and then my zoo became a farm. The prints below are but a handful of animals that have been created in a quiet printmaking studio.
Artist Statement:
Animals have been my muses for quite sometime. Their fur, feathers, and wool provide wonderful texture, but it’s their personalities that shine through. I see printmaking as a chance to create different stories through the smallest shifts of color and imagery. Through the possibilities of multiples I create variations where I experiment with different colors, layering images, and pushing a more for moody or whimsical atmosphere.
M. Victoria Savka 19th of December 2016

Drypoint Information:
Drypoint printmaking is a subtractive process, where a sharp, needle-like tool scratches into a plate to form an image. It can be seen as a form of etching where no chemical is used, thus it has been named ‘dry–point’. Traditionally printmakers use copper plates, but currently many use laminated cardboard, zinc, or even plexi-glas to create their images. I use an exact-o knife and needletool for my prints, crosshatching the patterns and images into the plates.
For a more historical account of drypoint printmaking CLICK HERE

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