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Storytelling can be the most direct fashion to explain lessons, morals, and ideas. My love for storytelling began before I became a teacher.  As one I always find stories allow others to understand ideas which they would never experience.   Through stories we learn lessons as we watch characters face trials and grow, storytelling structure lends greatly to learned lessons and growth in characters.  My storytelling lesson abilities are now a second nature to me, but that is not all that appeals to me!
Moralistic lessons to teach are wonderful, but the absurd, the strange, and the bizarre is fascinating and entertaining!  The small tidbits about nature, explanations for changes in animals, the weather, or even more outlandish ideas are all reasons I find fables, tall tales, myths, and legends excellent sources for a chuckle or smile.  These stories were and are primarily told to the naïve to provide an explanation for the impossible or unknown, whether fact or fiction.  I strive to create scenes that tell a curious story or present a new idea.  It is up to the viewer to discover my tale, to write their own, to be amazed at the factual possible, or to chuckle at the fictional impossible.

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