Victoria is an interdisciplinary project-based artist who savors the challenge to present a story waiting to be discovered.  She gravitates towards mediums of paint, printmaking, writing, and ceramics, but is always eager to learn new methods. Victoria’s approach to her work begins with meticulous consideration to process and ends with carefree ebullience.
She dearly admires the simplicity of American Folk Art, the whimsical humor of Staffordshire pottery, the moral and sometimes ethereal nature of fables and tall tales, the twisted humor in Ronald Dahl and Guy de Maupassant’s short stories, and the poetic color palettes of Les Nabis. Victoria holds a BFA in Illustration, BFA in Fine Arts, and a Masters in Art Education from Rochester Institute of Technology.  She has done residencies at Main Street Arts, The Yards, and is happy to say her work is found in happy homes throughout this wide world.  Victoria currently works and teaches in Auburn, New York where she cherishes afternoons with the ducks and geese who greet her with their own unique songs. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Photo by Chloe Taddie

"The art of the written story is a unique rollercoaster ride of wit and wordcraft, but visual storytelling is left in the hands of the viewer’s eyes and experiences.    Through my diverse range of work I desire to discuss storytelling from varying perspectives.  My mindmappings come from a deeply sentimental and nostalgic place where I compile visual maps of my own memories and experiences.  My printmaking work touches upon the idea of how different environments can alter the story behind an image.  My ceramics are built upon my love for creating whimsical worlds and spontaneously improvising short stories inspired by random subjects and objects.  Storytelling is a prominent part of my creative process, as it is a prominent part of my life, and yours, as much as you wish to credit your life as a story to lead and tell." 
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